The NjordIC-team

NjordIC’s owners have a wealth of experience in the Global Offshore Wind market. We are highly specialised in UXO consultancy and EOD-management. By establishing NjordIC we created a unique combination of our knowledge and experience. Therefore NjordIC is able to support Clients in all aspects of the UXO mitigation process. We alleviate our clients accountability by taking full responsibility for the entire management of the UXO scope of work, providing an all-inclusive package.

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NjordIC also offers Client Representative services to supervise during UXO survey, ID and disposal operations. In all stages of clearance operations we offer highly qualified and experienced personel from our loyal and reliable pool of Client Representatives.

Erwin van den Berg

Erwin is active in the UXO field of work since 2003. He is specialised in compiling Historical Researches and UXO Risk Assessments as well as Project Management Plans and Project Documentation. 

Erwin is responsible for the majority of UXO related reports published for the Dutch and Belgian offshore wind farms and export cable routes. He also worked closely together with TNO to assess the impact of underwater detonations on Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers. 

Erwin is recognised as one of the leading experts in the field of UXO Risk Assessments.

As a former Navy Clearance Dive Officer John has been dealing with UXO since the start of his career. John has hands-on experience in as well UXO Survey, ID and clearance operations as disposal operations. 

John is on top of his game. As EOD manager he makes sure client’s goals set in the UXO Risk Assessment are met and an ALARP certificate is issued, clearing the path for installation operations.

John is currently active as EOD-manager as well as issuing ALARP-certificates for geotechnical investigations for large OWF’s.


John Bakker


Paul Shaw

As former British Royal Navy EOD & IED Bomb Disposal Officer, Paul gained over 23 years military EOD operational and management experience, accompanied with an additional proven 10 year record of achievement across commercial sectors. 

Resulting from his extensive experience of working in high risk international environments, Paul delivers the ability to work under pressure to critical timescales and tight deadlines to successfully deliver industry leading explosives safety solutions for our clients.

Paul is currently acting as EOD-manager on one of the largest and most complicated Offshore UXO clearance projects

Since 1998 Erik has been working in the UXO field of work . Amongst others Erik has extensive experience in survey and dredging techniques. He frequently operates in the interface period between the UXO Risk Assessment and the start of the UXO survey, ID & Clearance operations. 

By compiling tailormade tender documents he provides a solid foundation for our EOD management concept. He is also responsible for the commercial development of NjordIC.

Erik also acts as EOD-manager and/or UXO-Offshore Construction Manager on behalf of our Clients.


Erik Wildeman

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